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Did you use a fake driver’s license trying to get into a bar. Maybe you used someone’s credit card without authorization to buy something. Or maybe you signed someone’s name to a document, not thinking it would be a big deal. These types of “not thinking about the consequences behaviors” can result in serious charges. Some fraud crimes can even result in felony charges. I am David H. Johnson, an experienced criminal defense attorney from Liggett, Johnson & Goodman, P.C., and I can protect your rights involving a fraud or forgery allegation.

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Here To Help

If you are accused of a fraud or forgery offense, it is important to take immediate action to protect your rights. I’m here to listen, understand how you got in this position and be your advocate. I will complete an investigation on your behalf, review police reports, interview relevant witnesses and do what I can to build a compelling defense on your behalf.

My priority is to defeat your charges when possible or to negotiate an appropriate plea bargain and minimize penalties in your case. I am experienced with crimes involving:

  • Fraud
  • Forgery
  • Identity theft
  • Credit card theft
  • Criminal impersonation
  • Check fraud
  • ATM fraud
  • Drug crimes
  • Mail Fraud

Defend Your Rights and Give Yourself the Chance to Move Forward

Everyone makes a bad choice from time to time. Sometimes things spiral out of control. At the time of committing the offense you may not have realized the consequences. In any criminal matter, it is important to remember that only you can take action to defend your rights. Teaming with an experienced attorney, you are giving yourself the best chances to move forward in a positive way. I will aggressively defend your interests and work to minimize your charges and consequences. While there is always a potential for jail time, by exploring alternative sentencing options, I may be able to get the court to focus on rehabilitation and restitution rather than solely punishment.

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