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Looking at a second or third DUI can feel devastating. Not only can it create feelings of guilt, but a lot of insecurities surface. Fears of jail time, loss of a driver’s license and the impact on maintaining a job make moving forward seem uncertain at best and impossible at worst. Working as a Fort Collins repea DUI offense Lawyer, I’ve seen how multipl DUI charges can affect someone. When a person already has one or more prior DUI/DWAI convictions on his or her record, the penalties for this new offense increase.

Having a prior DUI conviction on one’s record may lead the prosecuting attorney, law enforcement, and the judge to believe that it is necessary to make a point at sentencing. What you need is hope and a way to maneuver through this maze, not stiffer consequences.

Any person, no matter their past track record, deserves a chance to make changes. I’m here to be your advocate, to focus on the positive and provide competent legal representation for you.

What Are the Penalties for a Second and Third Offense?

What Are the Penalties for a Second and Third Offense?

Repeat DUI/DWAI offenses need the attention of a skilled criminal defense attorney. As your lawyer, I will use my well-respected negotiation skills to minimize your consequences. If negotiations break down, I will aggressively litigate your case to minimize the severe penalties that come with repeat DUI charges. These penalties include:

  • Mandatory 10-day jail time for a 2nd DUI offense
  • Mandatory 60-day jail time for a 3rd DUI offense
  • Mandatory probation for two years
  • Loss of license/license revocation
  • Ignition interlock devices
  • Alcohol education classes and therapy

Multiple driving under the influence charges can be stressful. The statute is more specific as to consequences; therefore, there is less flexibility in terms of sentencing options. In order to have the best chance of reducing your consequences, it takes the creative thinking of a knowledgeable attorney.

Reducing Your DUI/DWAI Charges in Colorado

Being proactive and consulting a Fort Collins repeat DUI offense Lawyer will help you to complete your probation sooner and minimize any consequences of your charges. It is essential that your attorney assess your case from all angles when challenging your DUI charges. I will thoroughly investigate your case, determining if the officer had sufficient reason to contact you and determine whether the officer conducted all sobriety tests properly.

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