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After the passage of Amendment 20 authorizing the possession and cultivation of medical marijuana in 2000, it took ten more years for the Colorado Legislature to pass laws that formally regulate medical marijuana businesses. Even today, in the wake of Amendment 64 addressing the recreational use of pot and cannabis edibles, it is a given the laws and how they are applied will continue to change in Colorado.

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I am David H. Johnson of the respected Fort Collins law firm Liggett, Johnson & Goodman, P.C. I am an experienced, proven criminal defense lawyer helping clients for 35 years. I have guided diverse clients through all types of legal challenges and concerns, including misdemeanor and felony drug charges. I know current marijuana laws and how they are applied in Larimer County, the Weld County area and other northern Colorado jurisdictions. When facing serious drug charges, it’s key to have a trusted attorney you can turn to for counsel.

Who I Represent

Legitimate businesses and individuals can run into legal problems involving the possession, cultivation and sale of medical marijuana — and recreational marijuana — under a wide range of circumstances. I will do everything possible to assist you as a:

  • Medical marijuana center (dispensary) owner facing criminal charges
  • Prescribing medical professional facing charges
  • Grower accused of having too many plants or violating licensing requirements, including charges against primary caregivers
  • Individual in possession of medical marijuana who is charged with a crime

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