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Drug Offenses Attorney in Fort Collins

As a drug offenses attorney in Fort Collins, I am committed to aggressively representing my clients. I will investigate your case for police misconduct, mishandling of evidence, compromised informant testimony, and violations of your Fourth Amendment rights. I will conduct a thorough review of any police interrogation and witness statements.

I will carefully review the actions of law enforcement officials in procuring and executing search warrants. Before you speak to police or prosecutors, please contact me. I will evaluate your case and discuss your options during a free confidential consultation protected by the attorney-client privilege.

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Hope

Drug cases often depend on informants. People who have been arrested on drug and related criminal charges may agree to provide police with information in exchange for a reduced sentence. As a result, someone may give your name to the police when in reality you have little, if anything, to do with drugs. As your attorney, I investigate the background of informants and their relationship to the police in order to expose leads and information ignored by law enforcement in building their case against you.

What You Need To Know

About Drug-Related Offenses

Vehicle Drug Search

Often drug possession charges result from police contacts while in your car. Typically, officers will ask the driver if they can search their car. In many cases, drivers agree to the search thinking officers have a right to inspect their car. However, an officer must first have reasonable suspicion that a law has been broken to pull you over. Second, in order to search your car, one of the following must apply: You must give voluntary, informed consent to the officer; the officer must see something in plain sight that gives them probable cause to conduct a search; or the search must be incident to a lawful arrest. As your defense attorney, I review the evidence, dashboard camera footage and the actions of arresting officers to determine if your rights were violated.

An experienced drug offenses attorney in Fort Collins can help you best understand the options available to you based on your specific needs and case.

When To Negotiate A Plea

If the evidence against you is not in question, I take into consideration your background and personal situation when negotiating with the district attorney for a reduction of charges or sentence. I work to get the District Attorney to look at your particular circumstances when making an offer. Due to the severe physical and mental damage it invariably causes, drug use often makes it difficult for users to hold steady employment. At the same time, drug use is extremely expensive.

Drug use often leads to other criminal drug-related offenses, such as burglary, theft and identity theft as a result of the steep cost of drugs. Drug use can also lead to violence while under the influence of drugs, such as sexual assault and assault (in some jurisdictions assault and battery). As a lawyer offering drug possession defense in Fort Collins and Boulder, I know that a drug-related crime such as these, and others, is generally the result of an underlying drug problem. Therefore, I work aggressively to keep my clients out of jail and to get them into a program that will restore their decision-making abilities.

Understanding Your Options

While each case is different, it may be possible to plead guilty to a less serious offense. Often your jail time can be reduced or served on an alternative sentencing basis such as workenders, work release or electronic home monitoring. To help with rehabilitation, the court can use probation with drug counseling, or participation in other programs such as Drug Court. Larimer County has a drug court. The drug court uses an alternative approach where the system actively works with the defendant to address addiction issues. The goal of drug court is to facilitate recovery, resulting in a healthy, contributing member of the community.

An experienced drug offenses attorney in Fort Collins can help you best understand the options available to you based on your specific needs and case.

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