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Fort Collins Theft Lawyer

As a Fort Collins theft lawyer, I understand that theft offenses can range in severity—however, even a minor theft offense can carry serious personal consequences upon conviction. I am David H. Johnson, an experienced criminal defense attorney serving clients in Fort Collins and throughout Northern Colorado. I know that the criminal justice system can be complex and overwhelming. It is my priority to help my clients protect their rights, defend them against criminal charges and help them move forward after a criminal allegation.

Larimer County Shoplifting Defense Attorney

Theft charges range from a Petty Offense if the value is less than $50 to a Class 1 Misdemeanor if the value is more than $750 but less than $2000. For thefts over $2,000, you will face a felony charge. As your lawyer, I’m here to listen, understand how you got in this position and be your advocate in assisting you overcome this charge. I will take the time to investigate the facts of your case, interview relevant witnesses, assess surveillance videos and other police reports. We will work together to pursue a solid defense to defend you against these charges. I am experienced with theft charges including:

  • Petty theft.
  • Shop-lifting.
  • Felony theft.
  • Misdemeanor theft.
  • Looting.
  • Electronic/computer theft.
  • Motor vehicle theft.

Addictions and Shoplifting Defense

Addictions and Shoplifting Defense

Some of my clients discuss struggling with shoplifting. They are dealing with a feeling of inferiority, not measuring up to a spouses or parent’s expectation. Often there is past trauma in their life. If this is you, or you believe that someone you love may have an addiction to shoplifting, it is important to seek help and counsel as soon as possible.

As your attorney, I am aware of counseling resources that may assist you in addressing your theft behaviors. This in turn can help as we defend your case in the court system. I know that the criminal justice system can feel intimidating. With an experienced attorney it doesn’t need to feel that way. Take the next step now to defend yourself against your pending theft charges.

For more information or to discuss your criminal defense needs, contact me today at my Fort Collins, Colorado, law office. Call 970-829-1221 now to schedule your free consultation with a Fort Collins theft lawyer.

Important things to Consider When Hiring a Theft Defense Attorney

Hiring a theft defense attorney can be one of the most important decisions you’ll make with regards to your case. A great theft defense attorney in Fort Collins can positively alter the outcome of your case. Take time to research potential theft attorneys and consider the following when deciding who to hire:

  1. Laws often differ in different geographical areas, so select an attorney who is familiar with local laws. For example, the penalties for theft and the nuances of the law may be different in Colorado than they are in other states. You should also consider an attorney’s experience with theft cases and how that experience applies to your case. The legal system is often very complicated, so you want an attorney who knows the specific steps to take in your situation and has done it before.
    1. Consider what a lawyer is known for—do they have a strong reputation for representing their clients well with honesty and fairness? Ask around for recommendations to learn about the reputation of a theft defense attorney. You want to choose someone who is respected within the legal community and who is someone you can trust.
      1. Not every qualified attorney is a great fit for every potential client. Aside from their professional experience and qualifications, you also want to hire someone who has a compatible personality and makes you feel comfortable. You’ll have a better legal experience if you are able to openly communicate with your lawyer. Find an attorney you feel at ease telling your perspective of the case, who listens well, and whose perspective and advice you will be open to hearing.

Finding the Best Defense Attorney in Fort Collins

All practicing lawyers have to attend law school and be licensed by the state they practice law. But being a defense attorney takes a unique set of skills that not every lawyer possesses. When it comes to finding the best theft defense lawyer in Fort Collins, there are special things to look for, including the following:

  1. Look for someone with courtroom confidence. Some of the most important moments of your legal journey will happen in the courtroom. If your case goes to trial, your defense attorney is responsible for presenting your case and providing evidence that acquits you. Criminal cases are typically tried before a jury, so you want a lawyer who is confident in the courtroom. The same facts and arguments can have completely different outcomes when they come from a confident attorney versus someone who is timid and feels overwhelmed in the courtroom.
  1. Look for someone with compassion. Some attorneys get caught up in the numbers instead of seeing each client as an actual person. Look for an attorney who is compassionate and willing to listen to your side of the story. Your attorney is your advocate and needs to be willing to step into your shoes, get all of the facts, and represent you in the best possible way. There’s a difference between a compassionate attorney versus someone who is just in it for the money. Most likely you can sense the difference when you interview lawyers.
  1. Look for someone who negotiates well. The courtroom is an important part of the legal process, but plea negotiations are how most cases are resolved. A good defense attorney tries to negotiate a plea deal that is best for you based on the facts of the case and reduce the uncertainty of going to trial. The best defense attorneys know how to effectively negotiate and get a deal in the best interests of the client. If the offer isn’t right for the client, then the attorney knows not to back down, but set the case for trial. Of course, it is your choice whether to take a deal or go to trial, but it is nice to get an honest perspective from your attorney and know he is fighting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a defense attorney?
It depends. A defense attorney protects your rights and ensures that someone is advocating for you. You have the legal right to a defense attorney, and there are many advantages to having an attorney. Even if you know you are guilty, a defense attorney can help you through the legal process and work to reduce the consequences of a plea. People who choose to represent themselves in court often don’t understand the complexity and seriousness of the situation. At times there are technicalities that your attorney can exploit, or your attorney may be in a better position to present your mitigating circumstances to reduce harsh consequences. Having a qualified defense attorney on your side is key. However, there is never a guarantee that you will get a better deal, just because you have an attorney. Normally you get a better resolution, but it is not a guarantee.
How much does a defense attorney cost?

Most theft defense lawyers in Fort Collins charge a flat fee which will differ depending on whether your charged in the municipal, county or district court. The cost of the lawyer will depend on the severity and complexity of your case, as well as the experience level of the lawyer. A less experienced lawyer working a fairly standard criminal case will likely have a lower rate, compared to a very experienced lawyer working a complicated criminal case that requires lots of time and resources.

For detailed cost information, you will want to contact a lawyer directly. To begin a conversation with David H. Johnson, a Fort Collins criminal attorney, call 970-829-1221.

What kind of cases does a defense attorney handle?
Often defense attorneys handle a wide variety of criminal cases. Their job is to represent the accused, presenting evidence that supports their client’s innocence or presenting mitigation that positively affects the outcome of their case. Some defense attorneys focus on certain areas, and others offer more general services to a wide variety of criminal issues, including:

  • Theft
  • Weapons violations
  • Sexual assault
  • Traffic violations
  • Identity theft and fraud
  • Drunk driving
  • Domestic violence
  • Financial crimes and embezzlement
How long does a criminal case last?
Criminal cases can be resolved in anywhere from a few weeks to more than a year, depending on the severity of the crime. A smaller crime or misdemeanor will generally be resolved faster than a complicated felony. As a general rule, it good to assume your case will take somewhere between 3 to 6 months before a conclusion occurs.

Reaching a plea agreement can also conclude the case much faster than going to trial. There are other factors that contribute to the timeline of a criminal case, including the caseload of the prosecution, the judge’s docket, the availability of witness, and the complexity of the case.

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