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If being convicted of a crime wasn’t a serious enough problem, a motion to revoke probation can cause even more life-changing issues. If the motion to revoke is proven, the Judge can sentence you to confinement, fines and other penalties. Furthermore, if the probation revocation is for a felony offence, you may be looking at a prison sentence if the motion is proven.

If you are facing a motion to revoke probation, you need an experienced and strategic criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. As an experienced attorney in Fort Collins, I’m here to listen, understand how you got in this position and be your advocate in assisting you overcome this hurdle.

Common Questions to Probation Problems

What Is a Probation Violation?

A probation violation can either involve a violation of one or more of the actual terms and conditions of probation or a new law violation. If you fail to meet your probation officer, do not complete classes or community service requirements, or violate any of the other written terms of your probation, this is called a rule violation. At court, these allegations have to be proven by a preponderance of the evidence. If the violation involves a new criminal act, the act has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in order to revoke your probation. In any instance, it’s important to build a strong defense to the allegations by contacting an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Can I Challenge a Probation Violation?

Yes. You have the right to challenge a motion to revoke probation. It is important to consult with an experienced probation violation attorney who can advise you of your rights, collect and assess the evidence in your case and present your arguments in court. Because of the nature of the case, probation violation hearings are held in front of a judge; you are not entitled to a jury trial. For most people facing probation revocation this can be frightening, not to mention building a case to present can be laborious and time consuming.

Legitimate Defenses to a Probation Violation

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons why you violated a term of your probation. You may have missed a probation appointment because of an illness, had a death in the family, or other emergency to attend. It is important that an experienced attorney properly communicates your personal circumstances to the court. I am able to help people address their challenges with the court and get them back on track to successfully complete their probation.

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