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DUI Statistics in Colorado

Every year, we hear about DUI statistics in Colorado. Driving under the influence (DUI) remains a major concern across the US, and many countries worldwide have long since put laws in place to attempt to address this issue.

Colorado has gone a step further than some states by incorporating two levels into its DUI laws.

You can be charged with a DUI when “you are substantially incapable” of operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications, or if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is at or above .08” (http://www.noduicolorado.org/dui-stats-by-county/#.WVhNrLRrjlJ).

You can also be charged with Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI). You may be charged with DWAI when “your ability is impaired to the slightest degree” by alcohol, drugs or even prescription medications, or if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is found to be in excess of .05 but less than .08” (http://www.noduicolorado.org/dui-stats-by-county/#.WVhNrLRrjlJ ).


Unfortunately, while there has been a decline in road fatalities in Colorado for over a decade, 2016 was Colorado’s deadliest year for road fatalities since 2008. While this spike is a result of several factors, undoubtedly one contributing factor remains DUI — which caused 32% of road fatalities in the previous year.

To examine the issues surrounding DUI statistics in Colorado, it is useful to look at DUI related statistics. Two sets of DUI statistics are important — the number of residents with DUI/DWAI charges filed against them and the average BAC level of these people.

For a more detailed examination, we will give the statistics for Colorado’s 64 counties for the entire year of 2016 which are the most up to date statistics available (statistic source: ADDSCODS 2016 Judicial District Statistics 2016, sourced from http://www.noduicolorado.org/dui-stats-by-county/#.WVhNrLRrjlJ ).

DUI STATS in First 20 Counties (by population)

In Denver County, the largest county by population, the number of residents with DUI/DWAI charges (No. residents) was 2,612 residents, and the Average BAC level (Avg. BAC) was 0.164. In El Paso County, the second largest country by population, the stats were: No. residents: 2,220 residents, Avg. BAC: 0.168. The statistics for the next 18 most populated counties were as follows:

County Number of Residents Charged with DUI/DWAI Average BAC level
Arapahoe County 2,520 0.164
Jefferson County 1,892 0.174
Adams County 2312 0.163
Larimer County 1,460 0.156
Douglas County 700 0.164
Boulder County 1,117 0.157
Weld County 1,067 0.162
Pueblo County 559 0.211
Mesa County 683 0.171
Broomfield County 175 0.163
Garfield County 497 0.155
La Plata County 502 0.160
Eagle County 430 0.150
Fremont County 176 0.157
Montrose County 157 0.141
Delta County 142 0.141
Summit County 383 0.150
Morgan County 112 0.154
DUI STATS in Counties 21-40 by population
The DUI statistics for Montezuma County are 132 residents with a DUI/DWAI charge filed against them and an average BAC level of 0.151. Next is Elbert County. The DUI statistics for this county are 55 residents with an average BAC level of 0.164.

The statistics for the next 18 counties are given below:

County Number of Residents Charged with DUI/DWAI Average BAC level
Routt County 156 0.164
Teller County 170 0.168
Logan County 68 0.154
Chaffee County 80 0.157
Otero County 66 0.146
Pitkin County 127 0.155
Park County 71 0.157
Alamosa County 144 0.145
Gunnison County 145 0.141
Grand County 165 0.164
Las Animas County 79 0.155
Moffat County 84 0.164
Archuleta County 79 0.160
Prowers County 114 0.142
Rio Grande County 56 0.145
Yuma County 39 0.154
Clear Creek County 95 0.150
Kit Carson County 34 0.154
DUI STATS in Counties 41-60 (by population)
Here are the DUI statistics in Colorado for the next 20 counties by population size are as follows:


County Number of Residents Charged with DUI/DWI Average BAC level
Conejos County: 33 0.145
San Miguel County: 76 0.141
Lake County: 55 0.150
Huerfano County: 58 0.155
Rio Blanco County: 39 0.155
Saguache County: 13 0.145
Gilpin County: 105 0.174
Bent County: 11 0.146
Crowley County: 12 0.146
Lincoln County: 23 0.164
Washington County: 27 0.154
Ouray County: 33 0.141
Custer County: 17 0.157
Phillips County: 9 0.154
Costilla County: 21 0.145
Baca County: 9 0.142
Sedgwick County: 9 0.154
Dolores County: 11 0.151
Cheyenne County: 20 0.142
Kiowa County: 3 0.142
DUI STATS in 4 Least Populated Counties
The DUI Statistics in Colorado for the four smallest counties in terms of population size are as follows:

County Number of Residents Charged with DUI/DWAI Average BAC level
Jackson County: 4 0.156
Hinsdale County: 3 0.141
Mineral County: 2 0.145
San Juan County: 4 0.160


A quick glance at these statistics demonstrates that, just like the rest of the US, the Centennial state has not escaped the issue of driving under the influence. However, these statistics will provide you the opportunity to stay updated on the extent and development of the issue in Colorado and therefore one step closer to finding new solutions.

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