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David H. Johnson: A Criminal Defense Attorney Fort Collins Can Trust

As a local criminal defense attorney, Fort Collins lawyer, David H. Johnson, provides individualized and highly effective legal services to those facing charges in the area. Whether you are a college student attending CSU or a long-time Fort Collins resident, you can rely on us for the representation and legal guidance you need. Regardless of the types of charges you are facing, you need someone with the knowledge, experience, skill, and compassion to help you through the allegations and help you get back on track.

Criminal Defense Attorney Fort Collins

Role of a Criminal Defense Attorney – Fort Collins Criminal Cases

In the face of criminal charges, your attorney is there to represent you. Lawyers negotiate and examine evidence on your behalf. They work with you to determine the best way to present your case. This takes a particular skill set, one that includes knowledge in negotiation tactics, experience in litigation, and genuine concern for your well being. The process of handling your case begins with a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney. Fort Collins attorney, David H. Johnson, will listen to the details of your case and determine the best course of action. In most scenarios, a case can be resolved outside of trial with skillful negotiation and careful assessment of the evidence. Should the event occur that a trial becomes necessary, your attorney will be able to present your case in a way that defends your rights, puts the burden on the District Attorney, to proves its case and show the jury why the District Attorney has not met its burden.

Types of Criminal Charges in Fort Collins

It’s important to keep in mind that, when hiring a criminal defense attorney, Fort Collins falls under Colorado jurisdiction and will follow the state’s laws accordingly. This means that the type of crime involved is important to consider. Your attorney will need to have experience with the way the state’s courts handle those charges. We can help you with charges in the following areas:

  • Domestic violence, including protection orders and restraining orders;
  • Drug-related crimes, including possession charges;
  • DWAI and DUI charges, whether or not you are of legal age;
  • Probation violation charges, which could make your current situation worse if not handled properly;
  • Theft, including petty theft, shoplifting, and felony thefts;
  • Fraud;
  • Vehicular assault and homicide, which typically result from reckless driving or substance usage;
  • Sexual offenses, such as sexual assault, which have far-reaching consequences;
  • Property crimes including criminal mischief, trespassing, and tampering.

If you are facing charges for any of these crimes, you will benefit from the representation of a skilled criminal defense attorney. As an experienced lawyer, David H. Johnson, can give you counsel regarding your case and will represent you during the course of negotiations and if necessary at trial.

Choose the Criminal Defense Attorney Fort Collins Trusts

With more than 30 years of experience in representing individuals facing tough criminal charges, David H. Johnson is a criminal defense attorney Fort Collins can trust. As one of the partners at Liggett, Johnson & Goodman, P.C., he possesses the negotiation and litigation skills you need on your side if you have been charged with a criminal offense, whether that’s a petty theft, DUI, minor drug crime, or a serious offense such as vehicular assault or a sex offense.

With genuine concern and care for each of our clients, those facing charges can rely on us to represent their best interests and help them achieve the best possible outcomes to their situations. To schedule a free consultation with an effective criminal defense attorney, please call 970-829-1221.

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