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A Criminal Defense Attorney Colorado Can Trust: David H. Johnson, PC

When facing criminal allegations, you need the most effective criminal defense attorney Colorado can offer. The facts of your case, the nature of the crime, and the extrinsic factors will affect your choice of lawyers. David H. Johnson can provide the skills and experience needed to see you through the criminal justice system.

Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney – Colorado Law

There are several reasons why you need an effective criminal defense attorney. Colorado laws are particularly strict when it comes to crime, including DWAI/DUI, vehicular assault, sex crimes, domestic violence, and others. The following are a number of reasons why you need to promptly hire the most effective criminal defense attorney Colorado has to offer for your situation:

  • Reducing charges – This is perhaps the most obvious reason to hire a criminal defense attorney. Colorado laws impose heavy, long-term penalties and restrictions on criminal convicts. Involving an attorney can get those penalties either reduced or (depending on the circumstances) eliminated altogether.
  • Going to trial – Having a lawyer that is willing to fight for you at trial is critical. It is crucial that your attorney have credibility with the District Attorney. Your attorney’s skill in the courtroom is an important consideration in hiring an attorney.
  • Preserve future opportunities – Colorado laws place heavy restrictions on convicted felons, and a criminal record can keep you out of certain lines of employment. If there is a way to reduce a felony to a lesser charge, your attorney will find it.
  • Reduced personal burdens – The heavy fines and jail/prison time that result from a conviction can put a significant strain on you and your family. In addition, the mere prospect of facing the Colorado legal system can be worrisome for most people. Having a trusted and qualified criminal attorney on your side can lighten that burden.
The difficulties of the Colorado legal system are greatly diminished when you side with someone with substantial litigation skills and experience practicing criminal law.
Criminal Defense Practice Areas
When choosing the right criminal defense lawyer, you should bear in mind the attorney’s experience. David H. Johnson has extensive experience representing clients facing the following criminal charges:
Domestic violence, including protection orders and restraining orders;
Drug-related crimes, including possession charges;
DWAI and DUI charges, whether or not you are of legal age;
Probation violation charges, which could make your current situation worse if not handled properly;
Theft, including petty theft, shoplifting, and felony thefts;
Vehicular assault and homicide, which typically result from reckless driving or substance usage;
Sexual offenses, such as sexual assault, which have far-reaching consequences;
Property crimes including criminal mischief, trespassing and tampering.
It is absolutely vital to consider your charges when selecting a criminal defense attorney. Laws as to specific crimes can be complicated and complex, so it’s important for your lawyer to have a thorough understanding of the specific area of the law in question. This enables the most effective defense for you.
Selecting a Criminal Defense Attorney Colorado Residents Can Trust
There are several qualities to keep in mind when choosing a criminal defense attorney. Colorado provides many options, but only the best possess the following characteristics:
Skilled negotiator – The best attorneys are skilled negotiators. This allows them to discuss a case with the prosecution and potentially reduce charges or get them dropped.
Skilled litigator – An effective attorney is also a skilled litigator. They can take a case to trial if need be, and that ability alone can strengthen negotiations with the District Attorney.
Genuine care – The most compassionate criminal defense attorney that Colorado has to offer will express a genuine concern for the well being of their clients. To them, you aren’t a criminal—you’re a person who just made a bad decision.
David H. Johnson provides legal knowledge, negotiation skills, litigation skills with years of experience working with criminal cases, and compassion, making him a highly effective criminal defense lawyer. Residents in Colorado can find the peace of mind that comes from knowing a skilled attorney has things under control. To plan a free initial consultation with a skilled, effective, and caring criminal defense attorney, you can call 970-404-8884 or send an email to David H. Johnson.
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